Deal Alert: Unlocked, white Samsung Galaxy S5 now available on Amazon

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white samsung galaxy s5 amazon unlocked

So much to report about the new Android flagship phone Galaxy S5 but the new Samsung smartphone is no doubt a winner. Just recently, we learned: it features a hidden baby monitor, for some reason South Korean telecoms can’t sell it, was described by HTC as ‘cheap plastic’, might have a Zoom compact cam version, and is definitely cheaper.

Mobile carriers in the US have started taking pre-orders already too. Some have even placed ads on Amazon, specifically for the white model which is unlocked. This is good news for the Android fans and shipping is even offered free. This offer is also best for those who can’t wait to get their hands on the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

The Android smartphone is listed at $825. It’s not really cheap but I’m pretty sure impatient customers and early adapters would be willing to pay the hefty price. Buy the phone from Amazon and you’ll receive your new Galaxy S5 in a couple of days.

I know a few people who will bite the offer but I hope you wait some more. After all, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is coming to the US in less than two weeks.

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