Nest thermostat makes its way to the UK, costs £179

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NestNest was acquired by Google for a whopping $3.2 billion a few months back. Until now, the Nest Thermostats were available in the US and Canada and costs starts with $249. If you’re residing in the UK, there’s some good news for your if you are waiting for the device to land in the country. Nest has announced the availability of the thermostat on UK shores for £179 with free installation. Nest Thermostat with fast installation comes with a little higher £249 price tag, and this will get the thing up and running in your house a little early.

The thermostats the company used to sell in the US or Canada won’t work in the UK as there are different heating systems in the regions, so this one is a new product, designed to work in the UK, and help users save on the energy bills. With the Nest Thermostat, you’ll be able to track your usage for the past 10 days, and see “how the weather, your adjustments or Auto-Away changed your energy usage.” Customers also get a monthly energy report with tips on how to save more energy, and reduce their energy bills.

The installation requires professional assistance so Nest has compiled a list of Nest Certified Professionals who can install the thermostat at your place. They will charge you an additional cost, but its safe to pay that amount then to play around with it yourself.

“One other big difference between the Nest Learning Thermostat for the US and the UK is installation. Boilers in the UK use high-voltage wires, so we strongly encourage professional installation, and we have already built up a network of trained Nest Certified Professionals to help,” the company said in a blog post.

Source: Nest

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