Google Play now lists Nexus 10 as ‘coming soon’, 2014 edition implied?

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Nexus-10-Google-PlayIt’s been ages since we last saw or heard of a Nexus 10-related development (actual development, baseless speculation doesn’t count), and we don’t know if we should read much into this, but the largest “pure Google” tablet is apparently “coming soon”.

That’s what the US Play Store claims, honest to God, and if you don’t trust us, check for yourselves. Done? Now let’s debate. Could it be an April Fools’ joke? If it is, no one’s laughing. Besides, it’s April 2 already.

A mistake, typo, mishap or however you want to call it? Perhaps, but why also change the background? It doesn’t make sense, unless it’s a hint a sequel is finally “coming soon”. You know, the follow-up everyone expected last fall, then all winter, before giving up hope for good.

There is of course one final theory, namely Big G plans to restock the original N10. Yet that makes even less sense than the blunder thesis. I mean, who does Google think will be interested in a 2012 slate, say, halfway into 2014?

Don’t get me wrong, I’d still recommend it at sub-$250, but Google and Samsung would probably lose money selling it so cheap. Bottom line, gear up for a second-generation Nexus 10, possibly manufactured by HTC. Or maybe LG. Asus? Lenovo? Samsung again? Patience, my dears, patience.

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