Microsoft’s Cortana officially introduced, sounds more natural than Siri

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Siri may have started the trend but she’s not the only geeky girl we should be listening to. There’s a new girl in town and she’s called Cortana. We’ve heard of this before and that she will come together with the Windows Phone 8.1.

She’s officially here, ready to assist you. And yes you’re right, she’s Siri’s latest rival. The voice assistant comes with the latest Windows Phone 8.1 update. If you’re familiar with Halo, you would know where the name Cortana came from.

Cortana has been officially introduced but it’s still in beta. It’s been demoed but sadly, there are still some errors and some features not properly working.

Cortana is expected to beat Siri and Google’s Google Now but the new girl from Redmond might have to do a lot of hard work. It may take her a lot of time before she becomes as popular. Of course, let’s leave her to the Microsoft developers and hope they can fix her up so she goes out of beta soon.

Making Cortana more interesting to the boys, err…geeks, is her voice which sounds natural. She’s so unlike Siri and Google Now, which have been programmed to sound robotic.

Here are some of the things Cortana can do for you: can set alarms, calendar your appointments, call and text people, answer any of your questions, and act as new voice command in Windows Phone. Setting this apart from the forerunners is that it will “understand you personally”. It will be your Personal assistant that remembers the places you like to frequent, scan your e-mail, give reminders, find contacts, and more. Cortana also uses a notebok where she ‘writes’ down and saves stuff.

I can’t decide if Cortana can beat Siri and Google Now but let’s give Microsoft a chance. Cortana might just be “prettier”.

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