Sony Xperia Z2 headed to Canada in May, US still on standby

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Sony Xperia Z2What a gemstone Sony seemed to have hidden up its sleeve with the stunning Xperia Z2, and what a fiasco the smartphone’s launch is turning into. Introduced to the world more than a month ago, the water-shielded 5.2 incher is still not ready to go on sale in key markets across the world, and even in those where it will by the end of April, inventory is expected to be low.

As in depressingly low, with reports going around of no more than 100k units shipping by May. The thing is the mysterious manufacturing issues plaguing the Android handheld’s release (I bet it’s the displays) might not get brushed away entirely next month either, and some countries are poised to receive the Z2 in June. Best case scenario.

The US leads the list of underprivileged countries, which is really no surprise given Sony’s historical second-rate status stateside, but up north, one lucky carrier will reportedly offer the Xperia Z2 at some point in May.

That’s right, Bell Canada just went on record to reveal it’s to exclusively carry possibly the best all-around Android phone of 2014 so far in a matter of weeks. Four to eight weeks, to be exact. No words on pricing yet, however it’s fairly easy to guess signing up to a two-year contract with the operator will command upfront costs of $200, $250 tops. Who knew living in Canada instead of the US of A has upsides other than free health care for all?

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