Dell unveils crazy tough, crazy expensive Latitude 12, 14 Rugged Extreme laptops

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Dell Latitude Rugged ExtremeThe post-PC era left a mark on the financials of all computer manufacturers unable or unwilling to shift their focus to mobile, but some were hit worse than others by this major status quo change. Take Dell.

The Texas-headquartered tech giant led conventional PC sales in 2006, then fell to second and subsequently third, plus failed to make any sort of waves in the Android landscape, their tablets not impressing anyone.

Windows-based slates conceived by Dell aren’t doing stellar business either, so to escape the bottomless hole they dug for themselves, the Inspiron creators have brought to light a duo of… $3,000 notebooks.

$3,499 and $3,649, to be specific, though what’s 650 bucks between friends? All jokes and irony aside, it’s obvious the fresh Latitude 12 and 14 Rugged Extreme laptops aren’t meant to be bought by millions of day-to-day users, or even thousands, instead targeting a very specific niche.

Namely, our boys in the military. Also, paranoid individuals that fear World War III may break out any minute. Damn it, I can’t stop cracking jokes. But can you blame me? I mean, I know the Rugged Extremes have a noble purpose, yet from where I’m sitting, they look pretty pointless.

Not to mention preposterously expensive and muscular. The 14 incher tips the scales at 3.54 kg, offers up to 512 GB solid state storage, 16 GB RAM and 12-hour battery life, while the Latitude 12 is actually a convertible machine, being usable either as a tablet or laptop.

Both can withstand moisture, violent drops, vibration, extreme temperatures and so on and so forth, although Dell forgets to answer the question on everyone’s lips in its latest press release: will they blend?

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