Windows Phone 8.1 headed to all Lumias running WP8, Samsung and HTC devices too

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Windows Phone 8.1Nokia’s hardware announcements during day one of Microsoft’s Build Developer Conference, while not entirely unexciting, played second fiddle to the introduction of Windows Phone 8.1, particularly the formal debut of Siri-like voice assistant Cortana.

Though technically it’s not out yet, WP 8.1 is expected to enjoy a swift turnaround, as the Lumia 630, 635 and 930 go on sale in June, and a host of devices currently on version 8 of Microsoft’s mobile operating system are scheduled to score updates at the same time.

What’s that, need a list of smartphones poised to get over-the-air Windows Phone 8.1? Let’s make things simple. Think of a Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8. Any Lumia. Yes, even the low-end, low-cost 520. Now picture Sprint’s Samsung ATIV S Neo and HTC’s 8XT.

All of these shall begin taking things to the next level in the summer. Now isn’t that a nice surprise? Plus, Nokia Lumia users will be reportedly treated to a special software treat package, dubbed Lumia Cyan, containing both WP 8.1, Cortana and the new Action Center included, and specific, personalized neat little tweaks.

Well, well, well, Nokia and Microsoft may still be playing catch-up to Google and Apple, but they’re definitely moving up in the mobile landscape, becoming a more dangerous threat by the day. Extra options for us, right?

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