Bose debuts new SoundTrue, FreeStyle high-end headphone models

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Bose's SoundTrue headphones

Bose’s SoundTrue headphones

Bose has announced the debut of three new headphone models: The FreeStyle  earbuds, SoundTrue  on-ear headphones and SoundTrue  around-ear headphones.

All three of the models feature Bose’s TriPort acoustic headphone structure.

 We’ve researched headphone audio for over 30 years for one reason: to offer a better experience,” said Sean Garrett, vice president of the Bose Noise Reduction Technology Group. “Now, that renowned Bose experience includes new looks — another chapter in the Bose headphone story. We sweat the details on color, fit and finish, just as we did our audio engineering, to make the SoundTrue headphones and FreeStyle earbuds an extension of you. Put them on, find your playlist, and listen for yourself.”

The FreeStyle Earbuds, available in Indigo and Ice Blue, will be sold for $129.95. The SoundTrue models will each go for $179.95.

All three models are available now, through Bose stores, and authorized dealers.

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