The A Audio Legacy ANC Elite HD on ear headphones deliver supreme sound and fashion

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If you asked my mom what’s at the top of my wishlist, she’d admit that I have been hounding her for a cool, leather jacket. “BUT MOM! ALL THE COOL KIDS HAVE THEM!” I guess I’m not persuasive enough. However, after the A Audio Legacy ANC Elite HD on-ear headphones arrived at my desk, I realized I had it all wrong. What’s the point of a leather jacket? It can’t even do anything! Meanwhile, the A Audio headphones look far cooler than a leather jacket, and their audio capabilities are unmatched.

Let’s get into the details.

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You know me, I always like to start with aesthetics, and these headphones deliver. You can tell just by looking at the packaging that they’re something unique. The headphones themselves are comprised of stitched leather, gold plating, and stainless steel. With the company’s signature A logo, the headphones almost resemble a Harley Davidson motorcycle. But that’s just me. My favorite element of the design is the quilted design on the headband. No surprise considering this is exactly what I wanted on my hypothetical leather jacket. Hell’s Angels here I come.

Too cool for school.


Onto the comfort level. The headphones are admittedly a little heavy, but it’s nothing too over-the-top. The headphones are made with memory foam padded ear cushions, so the ear cups themselves are very comfortable. However, I would suggest not using them if you’ve got any intense earrings on, since that combination can be a little painful (I learned the hard way). The headphones adjust lengthwise for customizable comfort, and the ear cups swivel to fit you even better. Both ear cups have jacks for audio cables so you can choose which side you want your cable to run. You can also have a friend plug in his/her headphones if you want them to join you in listening to your AWESOME BEATS!


As the name states, the A Audio Legacy ANC headphones utilize active noise cancelation to give users a more encompassing music experience. The ANC works very well in my opinion. Once I switched the headphones to the ANC setting, I couldn’t hear anything around me. I even snapped my fingers directly next to my ear and couldn’t hear it. However, once I took the headphones off and kept my music at the same volume, I realized that my coworkers could definitely hear my music as well. So just keep that in mind when thinking about noise isolation.

Besides the ANC setting, the headphones also have a Bass setting. You can also listen to your music in the audio setting which requires no battery power. However, the bass setting is definitely one my favorite aspects to the headphones. Bass is one of those things that makes or breaks a pair of headphones for me. The A Audio headphones definitely passed the bass test. And if you’re curious (of course you are), my music test consisted of the Alabama Shakes, Nirvana, Frank Ocean, Outkast, The Roots, and as per usual Kanye West. Everything sounded great, and the bass was perfect on every track.


As for the other elements of the audio, I certainly have no complaints. The audio sounds great at all volume levels, so if you’re looking for that clean, crisp audio to compliment your music, you’ll appreciate these headphones.

The A Audio headphones come with two audio cables, one with a remote and microphone and one without. They also come with two batteries, a travel case and a cleaning cloth. And just to show you that the company stands behind their product, users get a 2-year warranty card.

The headphones retail for $299.99, and are available here.

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