Samsung’s SIM-enabled smartwatch to be known as Gear Solo?

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Samsung seems to be in full force when it comes to marketing their smartwatches but the South Korean electronics company is ready to make some changes when needed. We heard of a Galaxy Gear smartwatch than can make and take calls and will have a SIM-card slot and looks like we’re about to see the product. The new Gear is expected to be called the Samsung Gear Solo.

SK Telecom and Samsung are believed to roll out the SIM-enabled smartwatch very soon. Samsung was spotted to have applied for a patent recently with some reference to the name Gear Solo. Most likely, this is the one of the many products Samsung Mobile is working one.

The Samsung Galaxy Gear Solo could be exclusive to South Korea only because of the partnership with SK Telecom but there’s no reason why the rest of mankind can have the Gear Solo the smartwatch-phone. Thanks to the USIM module and built-in radios, the smartwatch can make and receive calls unlike the earlier smartwatch models that can only notify a user once there is a call.

The phone capabilities on a smartwatch is certainly a step up for the smartwatch industry. It will be far before the smartwatch technology becomes a household name but it’s time will come just like the smartphone, tablet, and smart TVs have.

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