Suppliers now delivering iWatch parts to Apple

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Apple has been quiet for some time now. I’d like to believe it’s because it’s working on something new and great, and that we are about to hear a major announcement. We’ve been waiting for the supposed iWatch but we’ve only got leaks and rumours. It’s one of the highly anticipated Apple announcements for this year because it’s about time the Cupertino company releases a smartwatch of its own.

We’re looking at a third quarter, September release, maybe just before the school starts. And here’s another rumor about the yet-to-be-released product: Apple has supposedly started to receive parts for the iWatch from different suppliers, according to DigiTimes. Allegedly, Apple is getting parts from Flexium Interconnect, Zhen Ding Technology Holding and Career Technology.

The three companies are said to manufacture flexible PCBs that will be used no the Apple smartwatch. Rumor has it Zhen Ding will be supplying printed circuit boards for the iWatch, as well as, a larger iPhone—possible a phablet (phone-tablet), and the next generation iPhone 6.

Increasing production is what the companies are believed to be doing right now by spending $100 million, $66 million, and $33 million (Zhen Ding, Flexium, and Carrier).

The Apple iWatch is coming soon….I can almost smell it.

< Source: DigiTimes >

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