Revi Charger puts cables, battery in your wallet pocket

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As much as bigger tends to be better (but not always), pocket-sized functionality is really where it’s at. A large device does one little good if they don’t have it immediately on hand, right? When it comes to mobile lifestyles, many like to pack light without having to make too many sacrifices.

Revi Charger external batteryThere have been quite the number of wallet-sized/-compatible external battery packs as of late. Most recent examples are the TravelCard and LithiumCard. However, one contender for the slim-sized pocket external battery pack isn’t on any crowd-funding site. The Revi Charger is available as a pre-order only through their website.

At first blush, the Revi Charger appears quite similar to the Nomad ChargeCard since it too has built-in cables. The major difference is that the Revi Charger packs a battery as well as connectors. This slim battery is compatible with iPhone 5 as well as any Micro USB device. In terms of capacity, users get a choice between 550mAh or 1440mAh. It’s a decision between energy and thickness, friends.

If you’ve ever been in a pinch for smartphone energy, it’s usually when sources aren’t easily available. But if you have a pocket-friendly battery such as the Revi Charger, there’s no reason to have that kind of backup on hand. The prices are quite competitive too. Visit for more information and pre-orders.

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