More people want a bigger screen on the iPhone 6

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After the arrival of the HTC One M8 and the Samsung Galaxy S5, the next much anticipated phone no doubt is the iPhone 6. Apple is mum on the subject but you know how it is in the mobile industry—rumors and leaks will be released prior to a company’s official announcement. Apple won’t prey on what the public wants but you can’t stop the rumor mill.

A bigger screen for the iPhone 6 is expected. Actually, it’s more like desired by the customers. The Galaxy S5’s big screen makes it a winner. It’s not exactly a phablet (phone tablet) but the screen size is good enough.

iphone 6 demand survey

A recent survey by ChangeWave showed that more people are planning to buy the iPhone 6. It’s my next phone I promised myself. A total of 4,109 participants were surveyed and about a quarter or 26 percent will “somewhat likely” and 14% “very likely” will but the next iPhone offering. Mobile networks are expected to offer the iPhone 6 on a 2-year for only $199.

The survey sample may be small in the US but it’s obvious more people desire the iPhone 6. Just ask my geeky friends. It’s either they’ll get that Galaxy S5 or just wait for the iPhone 6. Most of them don’t care about HTC or BlackBerry. The battle is between the latest Galaxy S smartphone and the iPhone.

More people probably want the bigger screen on an iPhone. I say it’s about time that Apple launches something bigger than what it’s been using on the iPhone line. The iPhone 5/5S screen is just longer but not significantly larger.

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