LG G Watch pictured in gold, always-on display and water resistance confirmed

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LG-G-WatchYou have to hand it to LG, they sure know how to build buzz around their recently unveiled G Watch without revealing too much and spoiling the surprise ahead of the gizmo’s probable June launch.

Although features of utmost importance like screen resolution, processing speed or RAM continue to be kept on the hush-hush, we’ve essentially been talking about the Android Wear smartwatch at least once a week since its formal introduction.

In order to keep the tradition going, LG has set up a brand new G Watch-dedicated webpage, revealing the device shall roll out coated in “champagne gold” in addition to the already announced “stealth black” paint job. Glamorous but not tacky, as the face remains black and the accompanying rubber strap white.

Odds are you may get to choose the band once the G Watch goes on sale, but please, don’t be an A-hole and keep things classy. That means no gold strap to go with the gold wristwatch.

Sleazy aesthetic choices aside, it seems the little gizmo will sport an always-on, tireless display. Good choice, though it remains to be seen how long it’ll take for the battery to be depleted with “juice” continuously squeezed out of it.

Oh, well, at least you don’t need to worry about it running out of energy and falling apart when in contact with liquids or dirt. That’s right, LG has made it official: the G Watch is water and dust resistant.

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