Samsung Galaxy S5 quickly grabs 0.7 percent of all Android phones

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Ah yes. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is one highly anticipated Android smartphone that is now making waves in the market. We knew it would be a seller like the previous Galaxy S phones.

And after only a week since its launch, we’re hearing both good and bad reports about the unit. There are more good news but its fingerprint scanner was quickly hacked. Some owners fear that PayPal might be compromised from the phone but the South Korean giant is already working on the issue.

Only after ten days since the smartphone is made available in almost 125 countries around the world, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has already captured 0.7 percent (0.7%) of the whole Android phone market. This is quite impressive because it means millions of people already have the latest Android flagship phone in their hands. So many people quickly adopted the flagship within one week according to mobile analytics agency Localytics.

Honestly, this is expected despite the fact there are a number of high-end Android phones released at the same time. However, we can’t say everyone is happy with the smartphone but the fast adoption rate is really impressive.

The 0.7% rate is lower than the iPhone 5S’ 1.1 percent adoption rate when the latter was released but you know that Galaxy S5 has more rivals.

samsung galaxy s5 adoption rate

< Source: PhoneArena >

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