Analysts predict 70 million iPhone 6 units will ship this 2014

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Much has been said about the yet-to-be-unveiled iPhone 6. So far, we know that more people want a bigger screen on the iPhone 6, Sony could be supplying Apple more phone cameras, a concept iPhone 6 video was released, and that it won’t be a plastic iPhone. We expect to hear more rumors leading up to Apple’s major announcement but we just learned that the Cupertino company is expecting more from the next-generation iPhone. Why, Apple is expecting that about 70 million iPhone 6 units will be shipped this 2014.

The goal seems to be ambitious but you know how Apple predicts things. There’s also a report that Catcher Technology will be shipping 10.5 million casings to Apple. The number given is usually 15 percent of Apple’s shipment goal. This is just an estimate but more firms are saying that shipment will really be higher this year. Barclay’s is predicting a 35 to 40 percent increase in iPhone shipments once the iPhone 6 model is unveiled. That’s for the global market already.

Could Apple be shipping two models again that’s why the prediction is too high? We’d like to think so but Apple is also rumored to be working on a phablet (phone-tablet). A 5.5-inch phone that’s a bit smaller than an iPad mini? That would be perfect for me that I might skip the iPhone 6 and wait for that. We’ll see.

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