Amazon launches wearable technology one-stop shop

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Although wearable tech adoption rates are slowly on the rise, consumer awareness of products is pretty high up there. How many wearable tech products can you name? Many of us could recognize the various smartwatches and fitness trackers. But wearable tech also includes healthcare, cameras, and pets and family too. Overwhelmed? That’s ok. The wearables market is indeed growing by leaps and bounds, and Amazon is here to help out.

amazon wearable technology store

Ever a leader in selling, well, everything, Amazon has just launched its wearable technology shop. While it appears that Wearable Technology is to be its own Electronics sub-department on Amazon, it hasn’t been fully integrated yet. Soon, I’m sure. But like other departments, users will be able to quickly find and filter for the products they want to browse and compare.

The main department page features the latest brands and products in the wearable tech category. There’s even a spot to keep track of upcoming products, such as the Bionym Nymi and The Narrative Clip. Shoppers can preview buying guides or simply jump right in and look around. All of these wearable tech products and accessories have existed on Amazon already, but now they’ll be available under one department. Now, it will be easier than ever to price shop the right wearable devices.

To kick off the launch, customers can pre-order the Misfit Bloom Necklace until May 6th. The Bloom adds a touch of fashion to the Shine activity monitor. Get it while it’s hot!

<Source: businesswire>


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