10 gadgets perfect (and necessary) for music festivals

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Although you probably can’t tell from yesterday’s awful rainstorm (my clothes are still dripping), it is indeed spring. Of course, this means that music festival season is right around the corner. And if you’re in my circle of friends, you know I’m headed to this year’s Boston Calling Music Festival. My friend, Eileen, and I will be taking the awesomely long Amtrak train from Philadelphia to Boston come Memorial Day Weekend, and you can bet I will have my gadget survival pack ready to go.

Sidenote: There’s your one shout-out, Eileen!


Anyways, if you’ve ever been to a music festival you know there’s several items you need to bring: a water bottle, sunscreen, comfortable shoes, AND A CAN-DO ATTITUDE (I hate myself). However, if you really want to come to play, you’ll include these gadgets in your backpack as well.

1) Digital Camera:


Alright, this one probably sounds obvious, but I much prefer a digital camera to my smartphone. Call me, crazy! If you want to be cool like me, you’ll check out something colorful and effective like the Canon Powershot.

2) June Bracelet:


I saw this product at this year’s CES, and I still think it’s awesome (especially for music festivals). If you want to ensure you’re not overdoing your sun exposure, be sure to invest in a June bracelet. As someone who looks like a lobster after 20 minutes in direct sunlight, this is a useful wearable device for sure.

3) Mophie Juice Pack:


This is something you learn the hard way. You charge your phone the night before the festival, but because you’re using it so often, the battery drains halfway through the day. And of course you wander off to get yourself a lemonade and now you can’t locate your friends because your phone is dead. Enter the Mophie case.

4) Poweradd Solar Charger:


Sometimes, however, a Mophie case is not enough to keep your devices juiced all day. And since you’re outside in the glaring sun, why not take advantage of the sun’s energy too?

5) Electronic Handheld Fan:


Don’t those folks look like they’re having fun? Albeit, they look a little nerdy. If your music festival happens to be in a location where the average temperature is 95 degrees, you’re going to want something to keep cool.

6) Oontz Portable Speaker:


There’s not always music playing, so sometimes you have to bring your own. The Oontz is my favorite portable Bluetooth speaker, and it comes in so many colors!

7) Dandycase Waterproof case:


People can get a little rowdy at music festivals, and even though you might not willingly want to partake in a wet t-shirt contest, it might happen anyways. Be sure to keep your smartphone safe with a waterproof case or you’ll find yourself in an unfortunate situation.

8) GoPro:


If you’re into constant documentation, this should be with you at all times.

9) Luci Solar Lantern:


Cause it’s cool. ‘Nough said.

10) Boobypack:


Admittedly, this is NOT a gadget, and I’m definitely including this mostly for its name. However, if you’re a lady (or a daring man) and you don’t want to carry a purse, maybe this can be your smartphone carrying case for your music festival. And hey, you’ll look great doing it!

So, get packing! And remember the Golden Rule of music festivals: personal space is a beautiful thing.


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