PSA: European online Sony stores now selling (and shipping) Xperia Z2

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Sony Xperia Z2It’s been a long, rough, bumpy ride for Sony’s Xperia Z2 to reach store shelves, but at last, the Android-running Full HD 5.2-inch powerhouse smartphone seems to have overcome component shortages.

Stateside, there’s still no telling when or if the Xperia Z2 will ever be available for sale, but just because a part of the world is neglected by Sony, you don’t need to be bitter and rain on the European parade. So let’s get together and wish folks on the old continent good luck in securing an unlocked, SIM-free water-protected handheld before inventory fades away.

Make no mistake, it will happen sooner or later, so better be safe than sorry and order now. At the time of this writing, most European branches of Sony’s rich online mobile store network promise swift Z2 delivery, for prices ranging from around $920 to a whopping $1,000.

Namely, €679 ($940) in Germany, €699 ($970) in France, Spain and Italy, and £599 ($1,010) on British shores. Also, PLN 2,799 ($925) in Poland, and SEK 5,995 ($920) in Sweden. Too extravagant for your taste (and bank account)?

I’m afraid the only alternative is patience. A boatload of it.

Via [Xperia Blog]

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