Nod, gesture control universal remote ring on pre-order

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Nod ring logoWhen it comes to wearable tech, I think there’s been too much focus on the wrist and not enough on the fingers. Luckily, we’ve seen a few of these projects succeed funding: the NFC ring, Ring, and Fin. These devices allow users to control their gadgets via gestures. There’s a new contender for finger fun, but this one appears to take control one step further.

Nod is an always-on ring that can be worn about any finger. Like other ring devices, Nod can interact with your smartphones, tablets, and even smartwatches. But unlike the rest, Nod acts like a universal controller that can also command things like appliances, televisions, and computers. If it’s Bluetooth or WiFi enabled, just point with Nod and use natural gestures to dictate action.

Nod Device Family

The heart (and intrigue) of Nod is its ability to convey intent through your basic movements. There are no movements or commands to memorize. Want the TV on? Point to it. Need to adjust the lighting in the room (with a Bluetooth or WiFi smartbulb)? Gently raise or lower your palm. Is it too hot in the house? Rotate your hand at the (smart) thermostat to turn the temperature setting down.

The designers behind Nod didn’t stop at incredible functionality. Thought was put into the ring so it can be part of your everyday lifestyle. The jewelry grade stainless steel is easy to wear and is also waterproof. You can wash your hands or do some dishes without having to take the ring off. There’s over a dozen sizes to choose from. If it doesn’t fit right, you can send it back and exchange it for a different size for free.

Check out the Nod website for their animated gifs, showing how it works. But before you get too excited, you’ll have to sign up for pre-order first. The Nod ring is expected to start shipping later this year.

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