Samsung Galaxy Tab Pros, Note Pro 12.2 discounted again, still pricey

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Samsung-Galaxy-Tab-ProYou can’t ask a whopping $850 for an Android-running tablet with no convertible traits and expect it to challenge Apple’s iPads mainstream popularity-wise, but what if you mark the exorbitant price tag down to $750?

Well, that’s still a small fortune, however it’s at least a step in the right direction. A two-phase step, as Samsung’s Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 first got discounted back in March, and now a second time. Hopefully, there’ll be a third time too. Soon.

Of course, $750 gets you the gargantuan S Pen-toting slate with 64 GB built-in storage, whereas the 32 GB flavor is $650, down from $750 at the beginning and $700 two months ago.

Meanwhile, the GTab Pro 12.2, which is basically Note Pro’s stylus-missing twin, costs $550 with 32 GB on-board memory. The giant used to go for $650, then $600, so it basically followed the path of the biggest Note around town.

Relish portability over exaggerated screen real estate? Then maybe you’ll be happier to hear the Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 is available via Amazon at $430, and the 8.4-inch version is $350. Their price trims are less significant than those of their cousins, yet free money is free money and always welcomed.

For the record, the GTab Pro 8.4 started at $400 and was $370 between March and now, and the 10.1 incher launched at $500, which Sammy quickly cut to $450. 20 bucks discounts? Come on, Samsung, you can do better than that.

Via [Android Police]

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