Microsoft sending out press invites for an event on May 20th, may launch the Surface Mini

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surface-pro-and-surface-miniWe’ve heard a few times about the purported Surface Mini in the past few days. Some cases for the alleged tablet popped up on Amazon with a delivery date of May 18th, hinting at the possible launch of the mini tablet. Recently, Microsoft has sent out invites for a press event on May 20th in New York City. It is said to be a Surface event, which will kick off at 11 AM ET, and may be for the launch of the purported Surface Mini.

The details about the specifications it will come with are scarce, but it is believed to be a 7- to 8-inch tablet with unknown resolution and will come with a stylus. As for its operating system, it may come with Windows RT out of the box, or it could be a full-fledged 8.1. There’s no word about most of the details, such as the processor, RAM, storage options, pricing plans or distributions etc. But the event is just two weeks away, and if the rumors are correct, we will definitely find out about the purported tablet, if it launches.

Rather than speculating, lets just wait for May 20th, and see what Microsoft has planned for its fans. Until then, we’ll also keep an eye on the rumor mill and see if it shares anything interesting.

Source: ZDnet

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