The Peek-i “spy” gadget means the end of your privacy

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In the words of my coworker Devon, “stop this planet, I’m getting off!” I stumbled upon the Peek-i spy gadget thanks to a Thought Catalog article. Mind you, I was just talking about how much I hate Thought Catalog, and this article solidified that opinion.


The headline in itself, “You Can Take Discreet Upskirt Photos for $30,” is beyond shameful, but hey that’s Thought Catalog for you! But of course, like all click-bait, I had to see what new technology could possibly enable these discreet photos. Thus, I was introduced to the Peek-i “spy gadget” which has the nerve to call itself an “amazing new tool” for your smartphone.

Even worse! It’s an IndieGoGo campaign! Is nothing sacred?! Basically, the gadget is A SUPER COOL DEVICE (aka a mirror) that attaches to your iPhone via a magnet, and attaches to your Android smartphone via a “sticky surface” metal ring. Thus, you have a 90 degree viewing angle for any potential creeper photographs. And yes, like Thought Catalog pointed out, it’s the perfect tool for upskirt photos.


And of course, I had to watch the promotional video for this perverted periscope (I love alliteration).

“Peek-i helps you take discreet pictures of something that really concerns you or something that should not concern you at all,” says the video.

Like seriously?! You just flat-out admitted that this product could easily be used to take pictures of things that you should not be taking pictures of.

Like the IndieGoGo campaign says, “And no one will ever know you were the ONE who took THAT picture or film THAT video!!! So do you feel like James Bond yet?”

FYI, you should NOT feel like James Bond. You should feel like a menace to society.

Kiss privacy goodbye, everyone.


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