Presumed Samsung Galaxy S5 Active visits FCC in AT&T-friendly form

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galaxy-s4-activeOnce the Galaxy S5 floodgates have opened, there seems to be no stopping to all of the flagship spin-offs Samsung plans to launch before long. The Galaxy K zoom, which can just as well be called S5 zoom, is already official, while the S5 mini, Prime and Active continue to warm up on the sidelines waiting to enter the smartphone arena.

Wait, S5 Active? But isn’t the standard GS5 an “Active” handheld in that it handles dust ingress and water immersion? That’s correct, yet the SM-G870A recently spotted at the FCC can only be an S4 Active sequel for AT&T.

Its model number makes it clear, and so do the product dimensions – 143 mm in height and 73.42 mm in width, so roughly the same size as the original S5, give or take a mm or two for extra bezels. Also, make no mistake, this is headed to AT&T, not just because SM-G870A has an “A” annexed.

The LTE bands supported, 2, 4 and 17, are coincidentally the ones used by Ma Bell on a daily basis. Don’t misunderstand though, it’s entirely possible the S5 Active will be sold with Verizon and Sprint pacts too. Maybe off-contract, via T-Mobile as well.

What we’re really wondering is why exactly should we care? Will the S5 Active improve S5’s water and dust protection and maybe offer a rugged exterior too? Will it simply be the same phone, with an LCD display, perhaps an inferior camera, laggier CPU and more reasonable price tag? Guess only time can tell.

Via [Phone Arena]

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