Oyster eBook Count Reaches 500,000

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Oyster eBook Count Reaches 500,000With a relatively cheap monthly subscription fee of $9.95, Osyter allows its users to access a seemingly unlimited supply of books without any restrictions. When considering the cost of each book individually, paying for a subscription is barely more than what one book would cost on Amazon. As a result, the app is incredibly popular and it will continue to grow now that it has reached the 500,000 eBook milestone.

Oyster has only been around since September–when it had 100,000 books–and over time, new partnerships have allowed Oyster’s digital library to grow incredibly fast. The company’s recent partnership with HarperCollins allowed Oyster to add 10,000 titles to its collection, raising the total to 500,000.

For people that read a lot–just like for people that watch a lot of movies–subscriptions are generally a better option than paying for individual titles. Personally, this was the situation I was in last year when Oyster launched. Until recently–when I was no longer reading as many full-fledged books–I had been paying for the service, and it was great!

One of the most amazing aspects of Oyster’s success is that it is only available on iOS, which is far less popular than Android. However, that is set to change with an Android app launching soon.

According to Oyster CEO Eric Stromberg, the company tries to include new books three months after they are first published.

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