Bitly Compromised, Users Should Change Passwords

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Bitly Compromised, Users Should Change PasswordsAnother day, another security breach online. Bitly–the popular link-shortening tool–says that it may have been breached, leaving users vulnerable. The potential attack was announced in a security update post on the company’s blog, which explains why the service disabled Facebook and Twitter account integration.

By disconnecting Bitly from social networks, private information can be protected if a breach did actually occur. Even though the post says that a breach is likely, CEO Mark Josephson has yet to be informed of any accounts being accessed by hackers.

“We have reason to believe that Bitly account credentials have been compromised,” wrote Josephson in a Bitly blog post. “We have no indication at this time that any accounts have been accessed without permission.”

Therefore, Josephson says that users should act quickly to avoid any potential damage that could come from a breach. Bitly users should reset their passwords, API keys, OAuth tokens, and finally, manually reconnect their social network accounts to the service.

The company also says that it will continue to inform users of any developments regarding the breach. If it turns out that one definitely occurred, Bitly will likely be more forceful in telling people to update all of their information, but it would be a good idea to switch passwords and keys anyways.

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