Leaked: High-resolution Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 photos

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Galaxy Tab S 10.5Samsung’s plans to whip out a couple of tablets sporting Super AMOLED displays by the end of the year have stopped being a secret a long time ago, but for a while there, we thought the slates may have been canceled.

You know, since they might be really easy to mistake for the other fresh high-end Galaxy Tabs, the Pro 8.4, 10.1 and 12.2. But then Sam Mobile came forward with very specific information on the alleged 8.4/10.5-inch Galaxy Tab S duo, and now the same source has corroborating evidence.

The most revealing, rock-solid evidence possible – photos purportedly starring the larger Tab S. From the front, the 10.5 incher is essentially a Tab Pro 10.1 doppelganger, as whatever benefits the AMOLED screen brings to the table, they’re invisible in this one shot.

Galaxy Tab S 10.5-2

Looking at the powerhouse slate from the behind, you’ll however notice the biggest aesthetical difference between it and GTab Pros, as the Tab S ditches Note 3’s faux leather feel in favor of Galaxy S5’s dotted, perforated pattern.

Personally, I’m partial to the former design, but in the end, what’s on the inside counts the most. And apparently, the Galaxy Tab S is internally gorgeous, with an octa-core Exynos 5420 SoC, 3 GB RAM, 4G LTE speeds and Android 4.4 KitKat with TouchWiz UI and Magazine UX on top on the software side of things.

Meanwhile, the Super AMOLED panel, aside from being Super AMOLED, is impressive resolution-wise too, boasting 2,560 x 1,600 pixels. I don’t even what to think about price tags…

Via [Sam Mobile]

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