Apple Reportedly Cares About Beats Streaming, Not Hardware

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Apple Reportedly Cares About Beats Streaming, Not HardwareBeats headphones may be incredibly popular among certain groups of people–definitely not among audiophiles, though–but Apple doesn’t seem to care about the headphones at all. According to a new Bloomberg report, Apple is interested in the Beats Music streaming service and the speed at which paid customers have signed up for it.

Apple is not going to abandon the headphones business by any means, but the report does state that talks between the two companies started to pick up as a result of how successful the Beats Music app has been.

The $3.2 billion acquisition has not yet been announced by Apple, but that is expected to change later this week. Unlike the majority of Apple’s acquisitions, it seems like Beats will remain a separate brand. Considering that most people have heard of Beats headphones in the past, it is not surprising that Apple would want to keep the name around.

Bloomberg’s report states that Apple will “improve the quality of design in future versions” of the actual headphones, but given everything that we have heard so far, Apple is primarily interested in building up and integrating the streaming service.

If all of this is true, it is still hard to tell if $3.2 billion is a fair price for a music streaming service.

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