Square Order Replaces Failed Square Wallet

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Square Order Replaces Failed Square WalletSquare has decided to officially take down its failed Wallet application from the iOS and Google Play stores. Without Wallet, Square is now focused on a new payment system called Order, which is being targeted at the same businesses as Wallet was.

The idea behind Wallet was that certain stores–coffee shops, for example–could receive payment from a Square user without dealing with credit cards, since the store would have access to the user’s payment information. As a result, a user could simply provide their name rather than a card or cash.

Wallet did not catch-on with businesses, so Square Order is taking over. Order makes the payment process even less involved by letting people place an order and pay for it before even arriving at the actual business location. The idea behind the app is that people who always go to a coffee shop or other store could place an order while on the way and then simply walk-in and pick up their order, cutting down the amount of time that is needed.

People who are already using the Wallet app will continue to receive support for it, but considering how unpopular it was, it doesn’t seem like many people are going to be actively using the application. Unlike Wallet, Order actually sounds like something that people can tangibly benefit from, so it may have a greater chance of success.

Right now, some local stores around San Francisco and New York City are working with Square Order.

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