Tado Launches Kickstarter For AC Cooling Device

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Tado Launches Kickstarter For AC Cooling DeviceConnected home devices are all the rage with products like the Google-owned Nest thermostat taking over people’s houses. Now, a new connected home device from Tado has made its way onto Kickstarter with a funding goal of $150,000. The company has already been able to raise $14,000 on the crowdfunding site and it has 29 days to go before the funding period closes.

Tado’s connected thermostat was released last year and it is still competing against the Nest, but the new Tado Cooling unit is very unique. As long as you currently have a remote controlled AC unit in your house, Tado Cooling can be used to make that AC “smart”.

“Tado Cooling turns any AC unit into a smart device” reads the Kickstarter page. Features like Auto-off, precooling, and indoor presence detection are all included and will work with the majority of old AC units.

Since an AC receives commands via IR anyways, Tado Cooling also communicates with the unit via IR, meaning that detection features and commands are simply relayed to the AC.

The wall-mounted Tado Cooling will also communicate over the internet with a user’s smartphone, offering additional controls and monitoring features. Providing an easier way to cool down a house is definitely one of Tado’s goals with its new product, but cutting energy bills is equally as important, just as it is with the Tado and Nest thermostats. By paying attention to weather reports and other data sets, Cooling will determine when it is best to cool down the house.

Kickstarter backers will receive the unit for either $69 (first 500) or $99 and the device will be launched later this year for $149.

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