[Update] Your Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera can be faster, fingerprint sensor more accurate

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Hello Android users, just a quick update here: the international version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is receiving a software update. Yup, your problematic phone camera can now be updated, thanks to a software version recently released. Sammobile reports that based on an updated Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, the camera is now faster and more responsive. Opening the photo gallery is now faster too. You see, some Galaxy S5 phone users are reportedly experiencing some camera issues.

Aside from the enhanced smartphone camera, the S5’s fingerprint scanner, which was recently hacked, was also fixed and is now more accurate as described. And as with most Android software updates, this release also offers better RAM management and enhanced general performance.

The version is listed as G900FXXU1ANE2. You can download the update and install manually through the Samsung’s Kies software.

More details about the software update release:

• Model: SM-G900F
• Model name: GALAXY S5
• Country: United Kingdom
• Version: Android 4.4.2
• Changelist: 1539356
• Product Code: BTU

This is just one of the many Android software updates that will be released for the new Samsung flagship phone. Expect more to come.

< Source: SamMobile >


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