Twitter’s Mute Feature Reaches iOS, Android, And Web

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Twitter's Mute Feature Reaches iOS, Android, And WebA mute feature has finally been integrated into the main Twitter apps for iOS, Android, and Web. Third-party services have offered mute for quite some time and after some users began to receive a mute button earlier this month, it became clear that Twitter was looking to include the feature as well.

Unlike blocking or unfollowing, muting someone allows you to avoid seeing their content without actually removing them from your following list. Muted users have no way of knowing that they are muted, as they are still able to retweet, favorite, and reply to your content.

Twitter announced the feature in a blog post Monday, stating that the addition of mute makes sense because users like to hear more of what some people have to say and less of what others have to say. Plus, muting is not a permanent action either. For example, if someone is live tweeting an event, it may make sense to mute them for a short period of time rather than flat out unfollowing them, which we all know can lead to some awkward conversations.

The block features will remain unchanged and of course, unfollowing works just as it did before. At least this time Twitter is including vital features in its own applications that have been available in third-party apps for a very long time.

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