Leaked: Blurry press render starring LG Uni8 with Windows Phone 8.1

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LG Uni8It looks like Microsoft wasn’t bluffing when it announced new and old partners would crank up their Windows Phone efforts this year, with LG and HTC all ready to help Nokia in making the platform relevant.

Unlike their Taiwanese rivals, Korean-based LG are keen on keeping Android and WP product lines separate design-wise. Sure, the “Uni8” evleaks just uncovered looks a wee bit similar to certain Lumias, but it has almost nothing in common with the G2 and forthcoming G3.

What’s amazing is both the G3 and Uni8 are distinguished, elegant and stylish in their own personal ways, with the latter sporting uber-thin bezels, an overall rectangular Windows-honoring frame and no hardware buttons.

No side camera shutter key, no dedicated home button either, just a trio of on-screen software keys. Wait, does that mean the big guy could take after the G2 and rock physical buttons on the rear? I guess it’s possible, though something like that would really blow the whole keeping lineups distinct strategy.

No doubt running Microsoft’s latest Windows Phone version, 8.1, the LG Uni8 is a big, fat question mark when it comes to hardware. It’s obviously a high-end device, but will it go toe to toe with, say, Samsung’s standard Galaxy S5 or the soon-to-break-cover S5 Prime? Is it a classic 5 incher, or closer to phablet territory? Patience, my friends, patience.

Via [Evleaks]

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