Sony Cuts Focus On OLED, Moves To 4K LED

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Sony Cuts Focus On OLED, Moves To 4K LEDSony has been pushing costly OLED TVs since 2008 but over time, it has become clear to many manufacturers that particularly with 4K panels, LED or LCD makes more sense. Not only are 4K LED TVs cheaper than their OLED alternatives, they are easier to manufacture and generally last longer.

Given all of this information and the market shift towards LED, Nikkei says that Sony has stopped development of its commercial OLED TVs and is using its resources to focus entirely on 4K LED/LCD displays.

4K is already an expensive resolution but now that more manufacturers are entering the market, the price is coming down and regular consumers are basically able to afford them if they can find a good deal. Even though OLED may very well look better than LED or LCD, the cost to benefit ratio simply does not support the high manufacturing costs and the lack of buyers.

In order to boost profitability, Sony has been cutting anything that is not selling well from its lineup, so OLED is definitely not something that Sony would want to hang onto. The one major downside to Sony’s decision to shift its focus towards LED/LCD 4K TVs is that its consumer electronics workforce will reportedly be reduced by as much as 20 percent.

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