Surface Pro 3 may be unveiled during May 20 event

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Surface Pro 3 may be unveiled during May 20 event A newly published Microsoft support document may shed some light on the company’s May 20 Surface event. Although it has been confirmed that at least one new Surface device will be unveiled next week, we have yet to figure out what it will be. All eyes are on a Surface Mini but the support document makes reference to a Surface Pro 3.

Reports have already suggested that alongside a Qualcomm-based Surface Mini, Microsoft will be introducing a larger Intel-based tablet during its May 20 event. With the support document now visible, it seems as though the Surface Pro 3 may be the Intel tablet that everyone has been talking about.

Microsoft Surface failed the first time around but with the new Surface and Surface Pro, sales are actually not that bad. So, with sales increasing and Microsoft’s unwavering commitment to the Surface brand, a handful of new tablets may very well be coming within the next month.

The Surface Pro 2 has only been on the market since October 2013 and while that is more than six months ago, it still seems like Microsoft is coming around with another follow-up device a bit soon. No matter what Microsoft decides to announce during the event, we will know for sure what the company’s plans are on May 20.

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