Google Glass integrated into UC Irvine’s medical program

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Google Glass integrated into UC Irvine's medical programUC Irvine says that it has become the first medical school in the country to integrate Google Glass directly into its curriculum. The UC Irvine School of Medicine will soon be handing out Glass to third and fourth-year students when they are participating in emergency situation training as well as operations.

Later this year, in August, the Glass program at Irvine will expand to include first and second-year students and the device will be used in a similar way. Even though Google Glass can help in an educational setting, medical training is usually structured so that it prepares students for real-world situations that they will end up in. So, UC Irvine is likely making the assumption that wearable technology will eventually make its way into the real medical field, or else it is teaching students to use Glass for no real reason.

As with any piece of technology added to a professional or educational setting, UC Irvine says that special software will be added to its Google Glass units to prevent cheating and to make sure that classwork remains compliant with any regulations.

Prior to actually rolling out Glass to its regular students, Irvine says that it had used the devices in a pilot setting and found them to be useful.

image via UC Irvine

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