Sony 4K Ultra HD Media Player now up for pre-order, arriving this July for $700

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sony 4k ultra hd media player

My significant other and I are on the lookout for a new TV. We want at least a 40-inch Smart LED TV that can play hi-res movies. (Blu-ray!) While I know there are so many models available in the market, we can’t decide on which one. I think we’ll wait for the prices to go down some more or wait for Black Friday. Or if we can’t wait, maybe we’ll just buy this Roku-like device from Sony. The Sony FMP-X10 Ultra HD Media Player is a simple media player but it can save and play 4K-res movies.

I think 4K TVs are out of the equation. They’re still expensive and available content are a few. So yeah, this 4K Media Player will do for now. Sony’s Video Unlimited store and Netflix offer a lot of ultra HD content anyway. This somehow proves Sony has shifted focus on 4K LED.

Sony’s FMP-X10 Ultra HD Media Player is not cheap at $700 but could be worth it. Device will be arriving in the US this coming July but it already launched in Europe recently. Pre-order is now also open until July 15.

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