Ubisoft CEO happy with Xbox One price cut

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Ubisoft happy with Xbox One price cut

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Ubisoft is apparently quite happy with Microsoft’s decision to come out with a cheaper Xbox One that excludes the Kinect. During a post-earnings financial call Friday, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that he is happy with the price cut as it means both the PS4 and Xbox One are affordable and, of course, more Xbox One sales means more Ubisoft game sales.

We expect the next-gen to grow faster thanks to that. Customers will have the possibility to buy either with or without [Kinect] and that will be a very positive thing for the industry. – Guillemot

Microsoft had stood up for its decision to make the Kinect a requirement with the Xbox One in previous months but now that the PS4 is surging ahead of Microsoft’s console, it has seemingly changed its view. When it launched, the Xbox One cost $499 and came with the Kinect whereas the PS4 cost just $399, making it a more affordable and better purchase in some gamer’s eyes.

Any game company should be happy with the price decrease since it is quite possible that more people will end up with the console. Microsoft’s Kinect-less Xbox One is already available for pre-order on sites like Amazon and the console will be shipping out on June 9, 2014.

via [GameZone]

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