Leaked: Full 360-degree HTC One M8 Prime render

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HTC One M8 PrimeRumors of an ultra-high-end HTC One M8 flavor, likely dubbed M8 Prime, may have started off rather timidly, but the past few days have seen them escalating furiously, to the point a semi-exhaustive list of features leaked out, along with intel on build quality and materials.

Still, in the absence of corroborating visual evidence, the speculation remained fishy, mostly as the alleged “scoop” got out following an unprecedented rage breakdown and ego build-up on the part of notorious insider evleaks.

But the leakster is at it again, and this time he bears photos. Just the one pic, to be fair, though in reality it’s a 360-degree animated render, so it should really count as about half a dozen of “normal” images.

Clearly, there’s no way to prove the legitimacy of the One M8 Prime supposedly pictured. However, nothing suggests it’s a fake either, so at worst, this is a 50 – 50 credible scenario.

HTC M8 Prime-2

Intriguingly, the “premium” smartphone has little in common with its standard M8 cousin, definitely rocking a chassis made of distinct materials. Aluminum – liquid silicone composite? Perhaps. The striking rear’s main highlight is an ostentatiously large camera, surrounded by a sleek-looking orange ring, albeit chances are we’re still dealing with an UltraPixel unit. Joined by a secondary rear snapper for another Duo Camera setup.

What else? Well, the front speaker grills are redesigned to look smoking hot in my book, and on the very top, you can see a mysterious new sensor. The bezels are moderately thick, the curves not as tacky as on the M8, and the handheld in all is pretty slim.

Bottom line, I say HTC has an aesthetical winner on their hands. Too bad it’ll likely be quite pricey and hard to come by.

Via [Evleaks]

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