Silent Circle gets $30M in funding ahead of Blackphone launch

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Silent Circle gets $30M in funding ahead of Blackphone launchSilent Circle, the company behind the privacy-oriented Blackphone, has received another $30 million in funding from various investors. The funding is being drawn in as a result of the massive demand for its secure smartphone which will be launching in June 2014. The phone has made headlines since it was announced in the wake of the Snowden NSA revelations and it officially went up for pre-order in February for $629 unlocked.

Included in this funding round were Ross Perot Jr, Anurag Jain, and Cain Capital. In speaking about the new funding round, Silent Circle said that it will use the $30 million to meet the “overwhelming” demand that it has already seen for the Blackphone.

Having followed Silent Circle’s growth and profile in the industry, we are excited about backing the company’s future and fulfilling the wider demand for accessible, easy to use privacy apps that are already an indispensable means of communication. This is particularly true in fast-growing markets outside of the U.S. where demand for private communications solutions is fueled by strong privacy cultures, intrusive surveillance and censorship. – Anurag Jain, investor

Some of the features include in the Android-based Blackphone are secure communications apps like Silent Phone and Silent Text as well as encrypted cloud storage and a built-in VPN.

Via [TechCrunch]

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