Google to come out with cheap WiFi hardware for businesses

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Google to come out with cheap WiFi hardware for businessesGoogle is at least considering a greater push into the WiFi business according to a new report from The Information. The report states that Google is looking to offer subsidized high-end WiFi hardware for businesses that will improve connections without making companies spend large amounts of money.

The team working on the WiFi hardware is reportedly the same team tasked with Google Fiber, the search giant’s own ISP. So, if Google cannot give people and businesses their internet access directly then apparently it would like to at least be involved in businesses in some other way. Of course, improving internet connections ultimately helps Google since it is a web services company.

This sort of plan is geared towards restaurants, gyms, and other places where public WiFi is usually offered. With Google’s upgraded WiFi system, connecting just once would reportedly allow all other Google WiFi systems to know who you are. This way, when you go to another location that has Google WiFi, you will be signed in automatically through your Google account.

Since every aspect of the system is run through Google’s products, the company would have a new way to get people online and onto Google, which is usually Google’s end goal anyways.

Via [The Information]

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