Sony creating new Chinese venture for PlayStation sales

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Sony creating new Chinese venture for PlayStation salesMicrosoft will likely end up being the first foreign gaming company to release its products in China since a ban on consoles and games was put in place, but new reports state that Sony is set to enter the market as well. Sony has reportedly confirmed that it will launch a PlayStation business in China through a new venture with Shanghai Oriental Pearl Culture Development (OPCD).

OPCD is actually a division of the state-owned Shanghai Media Group and according to an earlier announcement from Microsoft, it will be launching consoles in China with the help of BesTV, another division of Shanghai Media Group. Apparently it would have been too strange to have both Microsoft and Sony working with the same part of the Media Group.

Even though we do know that Sony is going to enter the large Chinese gaming market, it is not yet known which consoles will be released in the country. It would make sense for the PlayStation 4 to see a debut inside of China, but Sony has only confirmed that its PlayStation business will be present in the market.

China is the largest country in the world and in addition to its large population, the country has a significant amount of gamers, making it very attractive for corporations like Sony.

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