Google may acquire security camera maker Dropcam

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Google may acquire security camera maker DropcamAcquisition talks are reportedly underway between Google and Dropcam, a company that specializes in security-oriented Smart Home devices. With the acquisition, Google could then release products in the home security field through Nest, a high-tech thermostat company that was acquired for $3.2 billion. The Information reports that talks between the two companies are taking place, though that does not mean that a deal will occur anytime soon.

Dropcam has been receiving large amounts of funding since it first released a home security product. Right now, the most popular piece of technology from the company is a camera that records footage and saves it to the cloud. Multiple cameras can be setup around a user’s house and their feeds can be accessed live.

Recently, the company announced a new product called Tabs that will make recordings through motion detection rather than video. The Tabs cost less and can be setup in places that normally would not work well with a full-fledged camera. Using Tabs in conjunction with the Dropcam cameras is similar to having a home security system installed, though it is definitely not as secure.

Nest has taken a different approach to safety so far, with devices like smoke alarms, but that doesn’t mean that the Nest team could not do well with home security devices.

Via [The Verge]

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