Asus Zenfone line to receive LTE-enabled refresh, mystery DIY model

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asus-zenfoneTargeted at emerging markets with uber-low price points and decent spec sheets all things considered, the three inaugural Asus Zenfone models must have done something right in the short timespan they’ve been around. Or else their makers wouldn’t be so keen to refresh the series so early with at least two additional versions.

One with a 5-inch display, Qualcomm processor and 4G LTE connectivity, according to rumors, and another intriguingly dubbed DIY. As in “Do It Yourself”. The speculation is this particular Zenfone will offer customization options of sorts (think Motorola’s Moto X), although mum’s the word on actual features. Standard or optional.

Back to the Zenfone 5 LTE, that’s expected on display at Computex next week, ahead of a commercial release perhaps encompassing Europe and North America in addition to Asia. Granted, I don’t expect any major carriers stateside to pick the thing up, but it could cost as little as $250 outright, in which case unlocked models may sell quite well.

Aside from the on-board LTE modem and secretive Qualcomm chip (my money’s on Snapdragon 400), the 5 incher should sport 720p display resolution and 1 or 2 GB RAM. Also, Android 4.4 KitKat on the software side of things.

Intriguingly, a 4.5 incher made the rumor rounds recently too, likewise packing 4G support and Snapdragon oomph. Guess Asus is moving up the mainstream smartphone ranks.

Via [Phone Arena]

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