New Google car sheds steering wheel, pedals

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New Google car sheds steering wheel, pedalsThe car of the future is here and it is not what most people would like it to be. Google has been publicly working on its self-driving car initiative for a while and even though the technology behind those cars is futuristic, the cars themselves look fairly normal. Well, Google is stepping things and has begun offering test drives in a new self-driving car prototype that has just two seats and doesn’t come with pedals or a steering wheel.

Google’s car prototypes were announced Tuesday at the Code Conference in California and according to Google, it will begin to test these cars far more often as we head into the Summer. The test drive prototypes will serve as a potential replacement for the retrofitted cars that Google is currently relying on, which means that almost every part of the cars will originate with just one company.

Even though the cars may be Google’s creation and the self-driving technology that powers them is also being developed by Google, it doesn’t have any plan to bring them to market itself. Instead, the company is looking for partners that could sell them, with Google simply providing the base model and technology that can be adapted in various ways by auto manufacturers.

Via [Engadget]

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