Amazon confirms Hachette book controversy

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Amazon confirms Hachette book controversy

Image Via: Wired

Amazon has confirmed that due to contract negotiations that are still underway, it is currently limiting the supply of Hachette books and their availability. For the time being, Amazon says that customers will no longer be able to pre-order any upcoming titles from the publisher and any orders will be placed with the retailer and then with Hachette, resulting in far slower shipping times and no discounts.

Since Amazon began to limit the sale of certain Hachette books from a variety of authors, the online retail giant has received many complaints from people who have been unable to purchase physical books (eBooks are not affected in the same way). Additionally, the authors who work with Hachette are the ones primarily suffering as a result of the dispute, even though they are not the cause of it.

According to a post on the Amazon forum, a deal has been offered to Hachette that allow authors to receive a certain amount of money, half of which will be fulfilled by Amazon while the other 50 percent would come from Hachette. This deal, if accepted, could address the loss in revenue that authors experience as a result of the service disruption.

We also take seriously the impact it has when, however infrequently, such a business interruption affects authors. We’ve offered to Hachette to fund 50% of an author pool – to be allocated by Hachette – to mitigate the impact of this dispute on author royalties, if Hachette funds the other 50%. We did this with the publisher Macmillan some years ago. We hope Hachette takes us up on it. – Amazon

Via [The Verge]

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