Google Nexus 8 rumors resurface, along with 64-bit Tegra CPU gossip

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nexusGoogle’s crowd-pleasing Nexus project may well end soon, but speculation is piling up in support of a majestic swan song. Does “Flounder” ring a bell? A sketchy report pegged it as the internal codename of a forthcoming Nexus 8 not long ago, and now the hearsay is gaining credence.

So much so that we’re pretty sure Big G will be showcasing an N7 big brother by the end of next month. Specifically, on June 25, during the I/O developer-focused conference. Traces of Android source code dug up by the eagle-eyed folks over at Myce suggest the tablet could pack an Nvidia Tegra processor, possibly one built on 64-bit architecture.

What’s the point, you ask, when Android currently supports just 32-bit hardware? Well, KitKat is growing old, and a dessert that starts with “L” (Lollipop?) is likely in the cards in the fall. Put two and two together, consider Google always watches out for the future of mobile, and the rumors begin to feel… not quite as sketchy.

Also, for those unfamiliar with Nvidia’s roadmap, let’s mention the chip maker plans to roll out 64-bit Tegra K1 “Project Denver” models before long. Hence, we might be looking at a swan song, as well as a Phoenix-like rise from the ashes of failure.

Remember, there’s a whole list of “suspects” when talking of possible Nexus 8 manufacturers, but HTC looks like the frontrunner at the moment. Let’s see what Asus and LG think about that though.

Via [Myce]

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