LightMate handles emergency, survival situations

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If there is ever a worse experience than having a tire blow out while driving on the freeway, it is doing the same at night. It’s little fun, and even less so without proper illumination. Ever since the one time I had to change a tire on the freeway in the dark, I’ve always had some sort of portable light source stashed in my car. Lesson learned.

Now, one could go with any old flashlight to get jobs done. But why not make life a little easier and smarter with a multifunction light? Satechi has recently introduced their LightMate flashlight, which is more than your basic flashlight. This device doubles as a lantern, external battery pack, and window/skull smasher. The lightweight aluminum body is waterproof, making it ideal for any situation in or out of the home.

Satechi LightMate flashlight iPhoneThe Satechi LightMate packs bright a LED with multiple brightness and distress modes. The screw-on bulb provides a lantern-like glow to light up open areas. When it comes to changing a tire in the dark, this means you won’t have to hold the flashlight in your mouth or the crook of your neck.

Removing the bulb lets the beam shine outward normally. The end of the LightMate has a steel alloy tip, which is meant to be used as a glass breaker. With the light, this can be used defensively in hostile situations. That kind of metal tip can leave a serious lump on an attacker’s head.

What is really interesting about the Satechi LightMate is the USB port. The flashlight includes a 2200mAh rechargeable AA battery, chargeable through any battery charger or via the USB port. But that same port and battery can be used to charge external devices, such as smartphones. Even with a 70 percent efficiency rating, that one battery can fully charge an iPhone 5.

For as durable and useful this flashlight is, you can get it now for only $30 off of Amazon. Don’t get caught without a light in the dark!

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