Google creates webform for people looking to be forgotten

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Google create webform for people looking to be forgottenGoogle and others in the web community are not happy about the European Union’s “right to be forgotten” ruling but since it has been accepted, Google is being forced to comply with it. For the time being–Google may fight back against the rule–the search giant has implemented a webform for people in the EU who are trying to be forgotten. The webform will be used to create requests that Google will then review and either accept or deny.

If Google chooses to deny a request, then the EU says that a consumer may be able to seek help from the authorities to pursue the request in a more formal way. The form is fairly simply since Google only asks people to provide their name, relationship with the person being represented, links to be taken down, etc.

Since the EU made its decision in the right to be forgotten case, many have argued that search engines should not be the ones that have to deal with user takedown requests, since they are simply linking to content. Instead, many feel that those requests should be issued to websites that are hosting the material, rather than a sheer directory of the internet.

Google says that if it accepts a person’s webform then it reserves the right to tell a webmaster that their link has been removed from the search results.

Via [TechCrunch]

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