Microsoft smartwatch to include always-on heart rate tracker

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Microsoft smartwatch to include always-on heart rate trackerApple’s iWatch has been tossed around in rumors for the past year and Android Wear smartwatches are just about to come onto the market. However, Microsoft could beat both Apple and some Android manufacturers to the market with its own smartwatch. A detailed report from Forbes explains that Microsoft’s device will work with multiple platforms, iOS, Android, and Windows Phone. Additionally, it will include some health features like always-on heart rate monitoring and tracking.

The always-0n heart rate tracking feature has yet to be tried in any other smartwatch to date and it is not even a feature present in most health-centric wearables. With a two-day battery life, Microsoft’s smartwatch could allow people to get a detailed look at how their heart rate changes through the day rather than having to stop and take a reading while exercising.

Even though Forbes’ sources were slim on details when it came to availability, the publication notes that it could launch as early as this summer. If that release date period is accurate then Microsoft will be beating many of its competitors to the market which will be very beneficial considering how crowded the smartwatch market will be just 12 months from now.

Via [Forbes]

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